Become A Supplier

Please join us to provide unique & authentic experiences and reach your market. 

How to Become a Supplier

Please prepare the following information and email INFO@ONLYLUXE.COM.AU. We will be in touch within 7 working days to advise whether your product is suitable. 

1. Business Details

  • Company Name,
  • Registered Business Name,
  • Australian Business Number (AUS) or Business Registration Number (NZ) etc
  • GST registration,
  • Business Address,
  • Website,
  • and contact person's details: Email, phone number.

2. Public Liability Insurance
The minimum insurance cover required for Australia is $5 million, and for New Zealand it is $2 million.

3. Product Information

  • Product Name
  • Price Range
  • Features & Selling Points
  • Descriptions & Keywords
  • Location
  • How many people suitable
  • Duration
  • How to Get to There
  • Weather & Climate
  • Photos & Videos
  • Booking & Cancellation policies
  • Any other information: e.g. child policy and dress code

4. Business Goal and Target Market